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The name – El Alba – refers to the first light of dawn, serves as the historical, cultural and artistic canvas for Hilos Culturales, founded in 2000 to highlight Indio-Hispano folk art traditions of the upper Río Grande region.

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In This Issue:  Summer 2019   

It's a pleasure to bring you this Summer Issue of El Alba Magazine. Its varying contours extend into the past interlinking with our daily lives – orchestrated to represent a Fiesta of the Heart. The opportunity to expand or further define our appreciation of the recognizable triumphs by individuals whose varying palettes of creativity and dedication is accentuated by the desire to transport joy, self awareness and wonder within their communities and broader audiences. The obvious element, their passion; stirs the reader, impacting self awareness, through their inspirations expressed by their life's prime focus of converting illuminating visions into quality works of art...

Calculating geometric measurements and depths of entry, Santera-Sculptorer of Jemez Springs, New Mexico, Rhonda Crespín prepares her new carvings for this summer's Spanish Market in Santa Fe where one of her premier bultos was selected by the Spanish Colonial Arts Society to be the Market's Poster Art piece – 2019.

Community theatre has been Anthony J. García's anchor in the arts. As director of Denver's Su Teatro, he has produced and directed productions that draw audiences to the 'creative process' that is highly recognized throughout the country.

A fine artist in her preferred medium of water color, Dorothy Mendoza of Pueblo, has excelled in painting nature and floral combinations on canvas – they evoke the senses of fragrance and the brightness of a season's new birth, or fading grandeur.

Viewing John Mendoza's paintings draws one to contemplate those treasured panoramic enclaves that cast splendor on appreciated places and time. His decades long success in his genre will represent a defining model for a new generation of fine artists.

Focusing her camera lens on abandoned adobe structures in her native Conejos County of Colorado, Ashley R. López displays her photography in the exhibit she titled 'Dilapidate'.

Four award winning Santera artists, Marie Romero Cash, Lorrie García, Jean Anaya Moya and Rhonda Crespín, represent an iconic nucleus as panelists, who also exhibited a range of art creations during the spring – Ayer, Hoy, y Mañana Exhibit at Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and Art.

On the Mesa de San Pedro overlooking the villages of the Río Culebra in southern Colorado, sits La Capilla de Todos Los Santos – All Saints. This creation bears the architectural signature of native born son Arnold Valdez of San Luis.

Literature - Features include 'Southwest Echoes' by John Mendoza and Charles Rendón; a Painter's and Poet's collaborative gem. Also, Arnold and María Mondragón Valdez' publication of the three-year detailed chronicle of the design and seasonal construction of 'La Capilla de Todos Los Santos: Sangre De Cristo Parish Shrine in San Luis, Colorado'.

Music - Nuevo Americana recording artist, Chris J. Arellano, a native of Costilla, New Mexico, shares an exceptional range of musical influences and expressions dating back to the Norteño music he played growing up in his father's band.

Once again, Comida Tradicional by Marie Romero Cash, features delicious regional flavors...Enjoy!