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The name – El Alba – refers to the first light of dawn, serves as the historical, cultural and artistic canvas for Hilos Culturales, founded in 2000 to highlight Indio-Hispano folk art traditions of the upper Río Grande region.

Quarterly Issues

In This Issue: Primavera 2019

This Primavera Issue of El Alba Magazine brings you engaging profiles of individuals who are guided by family traditions and cultural influences common throughout the upper Río Grande region. Each respectively challenges the reader to explore and broaden their own life's path, and to strengthen the embrace and connection of an identity, appreciation and pride that sustained previous generations. Encouraged to go beyond the desire to dream, these individuals have excelled, taking the necessary steps and challenges, in extending themselves creatively; as evidenced within the featured narratives in this issue...

Marie Romero Cash, award winning Santa Fe Santera – Folk Artist was selected to design and craft the Stations of the Cross at the Cathedral of San Francisco de Assisi in Santa Fe. Carlos Frésquez has artistically endured the challenges of his career to enlighten and guide his university students for three decades. The regional landmark of Chimayó serves as the setting where villagers and distant visitors travel to draw from the holy earth at El Santuario de Nuestro Señor de Esquípulas. In her interview, Nicolasa Chávez defines the value of history and the arts. As museum curator she expresses her passion by integrating both to create cultural panoramic regional lifeways. Inspired by the masters and his love for music, Estevan Pacheco applies his determination through an orchestrated journey embracing his guitar - his passion. Building on her classroom teaching career and story telling achievements, Rosalía de Aragón now embarks toward new milestones, with her wealth of fashioned traits – into post graduate studies at the University of New Mexico – Albuquerque.

In the Literature section, Marie Romero Cash greets readers with two inspiring books that recount her admiration for her hometown Santa Fe with 'Tortilla Chronicles'; and her dedication to explore and document the santos and religious folk art in the churches of northern New Mexico in her publication, 'Santos'. Marie is accompanied by photographer, Jack Parsons on a two year pilgrimage, visiting and producing an inventory of art and identifying each contributing artist. In her book 'A Century of Masters', Nicolasa Chávez profiles the artistic genius of fifteen NEA National Heritage Fellows of New Mexico. Nicolasa's publication title was the same name as her exhibit showcasing these master folk artists; curated at the New Mexico Museum of International Folk Art.

You'll also enjoy listening to Rosalía de Aragón in the Music section, interpreting 'Vén a Mí', composed by her father Ray John de Aragón, with musical arrangement by Carlos Pacheco. The song was the premiered musical theme in a ten year production of 'The Legend of La Llorona' written by Rosalía's mother, Rosa María Calles.

Comida Tradicional brings you recipes for appetizing dishes from Marie Romero Cash's, San Pascual – Santa Fe Cookbook. Enjoy...

Herman A. Martínez     Publisher, El Alba Magazine