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The name – El Alba – refers to the first light of dawn, serves as the historical, cultural and artistic canvas for Hilos Culturales, founded in 2000 to highlight Indio-Hispano folk art traditions of the upper Río Grande region.

Quarterly Issues

In This Issue: Winter Issue December, 2017

A new season truly allows one the opportunity to look ahead in anticipation of new and renewed views of our journey into linking life’s experiences within inner culture and ancestral rooted values. The far  reaching applications of Folk Art  Traditions and regional expressions provide an enriching view into interpretations and creativity within art forms.
Multiple ingredients that factor into creative genius include vision, dedication, pushing boundaries, engaging with mediums, be it pigments, wood, pastels, recycled materials, or it can be movement to music, expressing original poetic lyrics, commanding a finely tuned instrument and capturing oral history; facets brought to the reader in this Winter Issue of El Alba in the form of creative passion interlaced with the emotion and deep drawn efforts sparking new or renewed awareness of the gifts we recognize as art and tradition.                                                                                 

This issue features: Eva Encinias, the grand Maestra whose institute is a network of relationships that can be appreciated as a master piece in her community…her work – Flamenco.

Artist, Art educator Anthony Ortega crafts the emotions and drama within the viewers mind…an exchange of sensations is created.

For Doña Antonia Apodaca, drawing loud applause of appeal and respect is common place. Resembling a fountain of musical talent, she has been recognized by the Smithsonian Folklife Festival as a “Living Musical Legend of New Mexico.”

His work is a constant search, a continuous change aimed at creating dialogue, that suggests connections and the spawning of the senses…Folk Artist – Santero, Nicholas Herrera. 

Los Barela, Luis Jr. and his son Daniel…embracing their treasured ancestral legacy, they create carvings from cedar wood that portray, one would interpret, as silent whispering movements of the forest that resemble rising ocean waves streaming in the form of natural wood grain.

Their insightful portrayal of woodcarver Patrociño Barela in Spirit Ascendant, propels  authors Edward Gonzales and David L. Witt among the high ranking contemporary historians, story tellers and visionaries, along with the mass volume of Barela’s art captured by photographer Michael O’Shaughnessy.  Nicolasa Chávez’ literary gift adds to our appreciation and knowledge of the world of Flamenco in The Spirit of Flamenco – From Spain to New Mexico.

Enjoy Agustine Vigil’s musical composition El Santero de El Rito and Antonia Apodaca’s beautifully expressed Estas Lindas Flores.

In this issue, you’ll also add Chau Chau to your recipe listings in Comida Tradicional and you can directly access a dozen regional museums and cultural centers in our Events Calendar by clicking on to their individual websites. On behalf of El Alba Magazine, we wish you a Feliz Navidad!!!

Herman A. Martínez     Publisher, El Alba Magazine